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The Army Career and Alumni Program (ACAP) is now offering Virtual Career Fairs to assist you in your civilian employment search. Don’t miss an opportunity to establish connections with employers, review available jobs, and schedule interviews.

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Sign up two weeks prior to the event to be Pre-Matched with participating employers that want to connect with you! We will use your MOS, Desired Industry, Desired Work Location, and years of service to Pre-Match you with Employers ahead of time so that you are ready for the live event.

Have an Updated Resume?

Great! Please make sure it's ready for upload at the time of Registration. If not, no problem, just see an ACAP counselor and they will work with you to create a winning Resume. Employers who you connect with during the event will use your resume to help them get to know you better and decide if you are a match for one of their open positions!

Employer Participation Includes